COVID - 19 / FAQs

First and foremost, people. Our clients, allies, and entire team's safety and well-being are still our top priorities. We're keeping a close eye on COVID-19's shifting environment so we can make the best decisions possible to help our people.

Is it still possible to place an order with you?

Yes, you can shop whenever you want in our online store. As a result, in order to keep our employees, guests, and community secure, we're taking extra precautions at our distribution and manufacturing facilities, such as limiting the number of people working at any given time, which may trigger production delays.

Have there been any changes to the shipping times for online orders?

Please allow 1-2 business days for us to process and designing your order.

Due of high volume and measures to keep their people and communities safe Canada Post, USPS and some other logistics are experiencing delivery delays across the globe. 

My order has shipped but it seems to be delayed.

Canada Post , Fedex and USPS are receiving and distributing even more mail than normal, and they've taken precautions to keep their employees and communities secure. This is causing delivery delays all over the world. Keep an eye on your tracking information to see how far your order has progressed.

My order is taking too long to be shipped.

We are restricting the number of people employed at any given time because of the COVID-19 constraints in our production centers. As a result, we're having some issues getting the product ready to ship in a timely manner. We value your patience and understanding.